Client-site Development

General approach

Falcon is using Features module to package configurations. Please see Features handbook for detailed information on Features.

When feature is installed for the first time its configuration files are getting imported into site configuration - once it is done then this configuration is owned by the site.

It is recommended to use the Config Distro module to manage configuration updates coming from Falcon distribution.

How to install Falcon feature?

Go to /admin/modules and install it.

How to update Falcon feature?

After updating the codebase to the new version of Falcon go to /admin/config/development/configuration/distro and import feature updates.

TODO: check if it can be done automatically in hook_update_N() or using drush command config-distro-update.

How to remove Falcon feature?

Go to /admin/modules/uninstall and uninstall it. Then go to /admin/config/development/features, review the configurations supplied with the uninstalled feature and remove the configurations you don’t need anymore.

TODO: Is there (or can we provide) a way to automate this through hook_update or some drush command? There should be some automated upgrade path from old configs to new configs list. Maybe through hook_update or something like that.